Halfway to #100happydays

Some of you might remember the little project from my birthday?! To refresh your memory, go check it out #100happydays. The good news? It has reached the halfway mark… whoop, whoop! For someone who has attempted to start a diary probably a hundred times, this is an absolute achievement. I always had the best intentions of laying my brilliant thoughts onto paper, but in all honesty I got distracted and bored before it even commenced. Truth be told people, it’s a damn right miracle that this blog is still alive! I figured out that I like to babble about what is floating in my head and let’s face it, in the digital age typing is just a breeze compared to putting pen to paper. Plus, there was always the whoops-I-made-a-typo-so-I-fixed-it-with-tipp-ex mess.
With this project, things were even more simple. See something that makes you happy, snap a photo and hashtag it! I figured I like to take pictures, so why not try? My promise to you is not to fall in the 71% below… why don’t you take the challenge too?


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A big dose of Heimweh

In response to my last entry, some awesome new words were suggested to me by my dear friend, Miles – the original Miley – I will let you know! Definitely not the one swinging around naked on a wrecking ball – this version is waaaayy more fun!! Anyway, one of these words had struck a cord with me and armed with an idea for a new post, I started doing some research. One of them really hit home. Literally and figuratively! And it wasn’t about the meaning of the actual word, but the meaning of the opposite. Confused yet? Well, let me explain… and for the purpose of the exercise I’m going to work my way backwards. Yes, I like to make things VERY confusing some times!

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