‘Tis yet another year

Since my last entry I have been busy – make that EXTREMELY busy – working my tush off! Before you think exercise, rather consider first-time callouses on my soft little office hands of just over 10 years. Believe me, I was shocked as well. If someone had told me this 2 years ago, my response would’ve been: Pfft, crazy! On the up side it kept me so busy that there’s been no more depressing Heimweh thoughts. Plus before I knew it, it was time for another celebration of a year spent on this planet!

my view from the office

my view from the office

I would like to jump straight into the crazy tale of my wild birthday party, but first some highlights of the past three weeks. Just because I’m working hard, doesn’t mean I don’t still have fun! In no particular order:
• My first pair of TOMS: Yay! Finally! Ever since my friend Mic told me about these, I’ve wanted a pair. For those of you who don’t know what TOMS are, basically the most comfortable shoes you will ever buy. Not only that, but for every pair you buy, they give a pair to a needy child.
• Bottomless Bloody Mary Sundays: Do I need to explain this?
• My first Delivery: No, not pizza. This is also the term used for transporting a yacht from one marina to another… and I didn’t get seasick!
• Spinathon for Charity: An event for the yachting industry to raise funds for needy kids. Since I hadn’t done any cycling or spinning in a while, I was pretty excited for this. Admittedly the novelty kind of wore off after two hours of spinning, but it was for a good cause.

a lot of bikes... and a whole lot of spinners!

a lot of bikes… and a whole lot of spinners!

• Winning: Yes, yes, yes! First time ever!! By buying only one ticket at the Spinathon raffle, I came in possession of a spa kit. Including: smellies, towels, candle, bathrobe and slippers. I’m still smiling from ear to ear!
• A visit to the Booby Trap: Finally got the courage together to go inside. Great shoes and dress up costumes! Duly noted for my invite to the next theme party. And of course some very interesting x-rated merchandise.
• Sofia: My trusty steed. Vintage and absolutely gorgeous!!
• My first trip to Miami: My new friend Elna – also from South Africa – rented a car and treated me to a day in Miami. We ate, shopped and saw the beach!

To top this all off, I’ve moved! Thanks to Elna for hooking it up, I now share a flat with 3 awesome girls. All from South Africa – yes, we like to stick together like glue! In fact this is where the wild birthday party comes in. I moved in the night before my birthday and requested the next day off… who wants to work on their birthday, right?! I also discovered a shop that sells pink Graham Beck Brut… almost shed a tear.
Armed with a day off and a bottle of bubbles, I spent the day by my glorious new pool sipping pink joy. Followed with a braai later in the evening with my new house mates and yachtie friends who hadn’t left on their adventure yet. This would classify as a wild party at the age of 32 – I had the best time!

Inspired by my friend Mic, I also started the 100 days of happiness challenge. Go check it out! The premise is to post one picture a day to your favorite social media platform. Something that makes you stop, appreciate life and brings a smile to your face. I’m going to try my best to keep going at it. And as you might have guessed, you’re going to get to see it all on this blog… keep your eyes peeled!


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