Blueberry & Avo muffins

I will admit. When I saw this recipe on Pinterest, I was also thinking… avo?! But when you start reading the reason behind it, it makes complete sense. It’s actually a much healthier option than oil or butter.

Ali Ebright is a food blogger and a genius! You can grab this recipe from her site Gimme Some Oven. I’ll definitely be following this site and her Pinterest boards going forward. Given that she obviously does this on a professional basis, I apologize in advance for my picture which does not do justice to the scrumptious deliciousness of the muffins – they are to die for!

The only comments I will make and this is purely my own take on it. Firstly, use a large avo. I could only get my hands on two small, ripe ones and since the recipe does not indicate how big the avo should be, I used one and a half. I could’ve used both. Secondly, I only used half of the streusel mixture, letting the other half go to waste. I felt it added sufficient sweetness to the muffins. But then again, I guess that would depend on the level of the bakers’ sweet tooth… go ahead, try it!

straight out of the oven!

straight out of the oven!


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