The Museum of… ahem #coughs

Yep, this post is definitely x-rated! Since I was on a museum streak while in NY, I couldn’t resist visiting the Museum of Sex. Though this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I found it entertaining and even informative. It’s laid out in a very interesting way and naturally leads you from one exhibition into the next via staircases.

So, are you brave enough? Then do proceed. Although here I would like to send a short shout-out to my mommy: Doeksag, gaan kyk gou of die stoof af is!

are you going to enter?

are you going to enter?

the start

the start

You’re greeted by this sign just before you enter, which I thought was pretty original. And funny! The first exhibition is about current day pornography in general. The terminology, the taboo’s and the downright shocking – not for the faint-hearted. This leads into exhibit of Linda Lovelace. The woman who took pornography into overdrive in the 70s.

Following is an exhibit about animal sexual behavior. I have to admit, I didn’t linger long here. It was somewhat disconcerting. Especially the part dedicated to primates’ sexual behavior – freakishly similar to humans, with much less shyness and reservations compared to their human counterparts. The life size sculpture (if you could call it that?) of elk having a threesome was kind of funny, but did make me wonder if that actually does happen for real?

After this was just a general collection of artifacts, artwork and freakish sex toys ranging from the 16th century onwards. Some of it was funny, some obscure, but the pornographic illustrations from this era make you realize that it’s been part of the human psyche since days loooonng past. It’s a personal choice and there is nothing wrong with it. You shan’t get burnt at the stake. Your genitals won’t rot away. Some impure thoughts might be the worse, but is that such a bad thing anyway?


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