¡Ándale! ¡Arriba!

In the words of Speedy Gonzales: Go on! Up! Although it was more like: Go down! Since we did a fair amount of diving. Basically it boils down to bladdy amazing! What? Where? Mexico, people… Google it and scribble onto your bucket list. You will not be sorry! In my case the opportunity was presented in a neat little package right at my doorstep. It was a no-brainer… Hell yes, I’m coming with!
We flew into Cancun and were going to meet up with friends who were already there and had organized the first night’s accommodation and some diving. As for the rest of the trip, we were going to wing it – my kind of holiday! As we prepared for landing we could spot Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) in the distance. A small island off the coast of Cancun that we definitely planned to fit into the wing it catagory.

cozumel... diving in paradise!

cozumel… diving in paradise!

Now let me warn you right from the start, if you plan to go on this trip… It will be hot. It will be humid. Make peace with it. What you can declare warfare on, is the bugs. There are loads of them, so rather just slather yourself with bug lotion or spray. Re-apply frequently. Especially the kind that contains deet. Some people will tell you how terrible this stuff is and that you might possible grow a third nipple. In my opinion growing a third nipple vs being eaten alive by mosquitoes? I will choose deet with a song in my heart and a hop in my step – the stuff works like a dream. Moving on…

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