Start spreading the news

I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it. New York, New York! Ol’ Frank was really onto something. You would have to be born under a rock not to know where it is! It’s a must on most bucket lists and hands down some peeps’ favorite city in the whole, wide world. How could I start my journey with just a quick layover in the Big Apple? Hell no! I decided to stay for a whole 6 days!

Given the time of year, some would think me crazy. Many in fact, told me so. February is supposedly the worst month of winter and I was guaranteed to freeze my tush off. I started keeping my eye on the weather three weeks in advance already and as departure came closer, the reports started getting more positive. Temperatures were going to be chilly, but clear blue skies were predicted by most weather sites and that was fine by me. I’ve never been one to get cold quickly, so as long as the sun was shining, I reckoned I would cope.

the famous new york skyline

the famous new york skyline

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