R.I.P… Run in Peace!?

Off the bat, I would like to state that it took me a long time to come to this decision and actually execute it. I have never seen a cemetery like this. Perfectly manicured and in absolute honor to its residents. This is where I come to run most mornings. Early, just before twilight to revel in the eery quietness.

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A final Peninsula farewell

I had to squeeze in one final drive through the Cape Peninsula before leaving. It’s an absolutely breathtaking trip with plenty of opportunity for some unbelievable pictures. We started from the City Bowl and headed over Kloofnek road following the coast line to Houtbay. From here follow signs for Chapman’s Peak drive. Remember to brings some dosh for the toll fee – ZAR33 per vehicle! It’s worth every cent!

the breathtaking chapman's peak drive

the breathtaking chapman’s peak drive

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Up The Creek, baby!

The weekend of my ultimate farewell… Up The Creek music festival of 2014. Some might say I jumped the gun, cause I started planning this almost straight after the same event of 2013. The fact is I loved it soooooo much the first time around (sadly 2013 was my first, even though the event has been around for more than 10 years!) that I just knew it would be the perfect send-off. Not just because I’m such an amazing person and everyone loves me dearly… haha!… but also because I knew everyone would have the best time ever!

ready to float!

ready to float!

Now to just give you a bit of background. It’s a weekend event starting on Thursday already. Multiple stages with loads of live music – something to cater for everyone’s taste – but the main attraction is the river stage on Saturday. Yes, you heard right! The event gets hosted at a camp site near Swellendam next to the Breede river. On Saturday, party goers bring anything that float and spend the entire day on the river listening to good music and having a jol! Too much of fun!!

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Rosh who?

Rosh Pinah. No, this is not some Jewish public holiday. It’s a small town, even smaller than the one I was born in, but it’s a place I’ve frequented fairly often in my development years. I have an aunt & uncle whom I dearly love that lives there. Plus their added extras – children, grandchildren – which always makes for great visits every now and again.

From our farm (see Early Days) it’s roughly a 3 to 4 hour drive depending on how much you stop, plus add in the delay of a district dirt road that might not be in tip-top shape. It’s my Uncle Wil’s (short for Willie) birthday today and who needs a better excuse than that to get together and celebrate. Here I would like to deviate from the story and just state: In our family, we like to eat… a lot! More about this later.

Fish River Canyon

fish river canyon

We hit the road early on Friday. Dad, Mom and I. Plus my nephew and niece – my brothers’ kids. The intention was to have enough time to stop off at the Fish River Canyon viewpoint at Hobas. Good progress was made since the district dirt roads were in such shape that it was almost like driving on tar anyway. This is usually the case in Namibia, unlike most African countries where your vehicle would need some serious 4×4 capabilities to even start considering a rural road.

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