Desireé’s Delectable Melktert

Directly translated: Milktart. What could it be? A tart made from milk? Well, the best I could describe it would be something between cheese cake and a custard slice. Even that does not suffice! You would only understand once you’ve tried the real thing. For my Saffa friends out there, I am sure you all have very fond childhood memories of this dessert!

The recipe below is one that I haven’t made myself, yet. It’s one that I have most definitely had the opportunity to nosh. Yes, it was delectable and more! I also pilfered it from none other than… you guessed it! Desireé! Therefore I am in her debt and forever grateful for sharing her knowledge. She assured me that from all the melktert recipes she has tried and tested over the years, this one is the easiest and tastiest.

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